Who We Are

Nutt Auction Company, LLC positions itself as an active professional live and online auction company in the South-Central United States, extending its qualified auction services throughout Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Ohio. The company generates excitement with its ability to provide reliable solutions for buyers and sellers through the auction method of marketing. With a solid foundation in Texas, this leading online and live auction company caters to a diverse clientele, including farmers, bankers, and lawyers.

Nutt Auction Company excels in delivering comprehensive auction services, with a focus on Real Estate, Estates, Industrial, Construction, Oil Field, Forestry, Agricultural, and Farm Equipment. Our commitment lies in employing established marketing and auction methodologies to consistently attain optimal returns on diverse assets. Leveraging cutting-edge computerized software, we guarantee meticulous reporting of transactions, fostering transparency and operational efficiency within a timely framework. The company remains steadfast in its goal to deliver professional, reliable, and competitive live and online auction and appraisal services. Whether the auction takes place at one of their locations or the client's venue, Nutt Auction Company is dedicated to providing maximum returns for both buyers and sellers. Clients are encouraged to explore the Case Studies section for valuable insights into the company's successful auctions and satisfied clients. Recognized as the go-to destination for buying, selling, or consigning, Nutt Auction Company is acknowledged as the comprehensive solution for auction and real estate needs in the South Central United States.

John Nutt

Boasting over 30 years of seasoned expertise in the auction industry, John Nutt, the visionary founder of Nutt Auction Company, LLC, graduated from the Missouri Auction School in 1991, solidifying his unwavering commitment to excellence. Holding licenses in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and Ohio, John's dedication spans diverse markets, showcasing his dynamic approach. In November 2021, he further honed his skills by completing the Professional Ringman Institute, adding another layer of proficiency to his extensive repertoire. John's authentic and approachable demeanor defines his character, establishing him as a trusted leader in the auction business. As the driving force behind Nutt Auction Company, LLC, he leads with a vision deeply rooted in experience and integrity, ensuring unparalleled service to clients and the creation of memorable auction experiences. Holding both Arkansas and Texas real estate licenses, John possesses the versatility to sell real estate traditionally or through auctions. 903-824-0581

Kelly Nutt

Kelly Nutt, married to John Nutt, stands as a seasoned professional boasting a diverse skill set within the auction industry. A graduate of the Texas Auction Academy in June 2014 and an attendee of the Professional Ringman Institute in November 2021, Kelly holds auctioneer licenses in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and Ohio. Complementing her auctioneer qualifications, she is also licensed in Arkansas and Texas real estate. With over two decades of experience in the accounting industry, Kelly brings a wealth of understanding in financial matters to the auction process. Her involvement spans all facets of auctions, from handling proposals and public relations to actively participating as both a proud Auctioneer and a Ringman, showcasing unwavering commitment and expertise in every auction event. In addition to her professional pursuits, Kelly and John share a family with three children and one grandchild. 903-824-3445

Bud Nutt

Roy Nutt, fondly known as Bud, played a pivotal role as the co-founder of Nutt Auction Company alongside his son, John Nutt, three decades ago. To this day, Bud stands as a dedicated force, embracing early mornings and hard work with a sense of pride. His influence extends beyond the realm of the company, as he instilled a robust work ethic in his son, John, contributing significantly to the enduring success of Nutt Auction Company. The legacy Bud crafted is woven into a narrative of familial dedication and values passed down through generations within their family-owned business. Retiring from Georgia Pacific in 1992, Bud embodies a fearless approach to hard work that continues to shape the character of Nutt Auction Company. Originating from Hampton, Arkansas, Bud is a proud graduate of Arkansas A & M. He shares his life with his beloved wife, Retta Nutt. Beyond his professional pursuits, Bud finds joy in spending time with his grandkids and great-grandchild.

Darren Edwards

Darren, the Sales Manager, seamlessly navigates between his role in sales management and active participation in the auction process. In the auction industry, he contributes to cataloging and picturing upcoming auctions and is equally at ease in the auction ring on the big day. Having completed the Professional Ringman Institute in November 2021 and graduated from the Western College of Auctioneering in June 2022, he brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to the industry. Darren's skills encompass cataloging, picturing, and the dynamic aspects of live auctions, making him an invaluable asset in both pre-auction planning and the execution of successful auctions.


Brooke Edwards

Meet Brooke, an integral member of the Nutt Auction family from Ashdown, AR. Serving as the backbone of our clerical operations, she handles everything from cataloging items to managing customer checkouts, ensuring seamless auctions for buyers and sellers. Brooke, a certified Professional Ringman, enhances bidding processes with her expertise. As our digital maestro, she manages our auction website, creating a smooth virtual platform. Beyond auctions, Brooke's diverse talents extend to the physical therapy setting, showcasing her versatility. With a genuine connection to family and community, Brooke embodies the spirit of Nutt Auction Company, where we're not just a business; we're a family committed to excellence in the auction industry.