Case Studies

Nutt Auction Company takes pride in the work we do for our customers! We work with various customers in different industries including, but not limited to, farm asset liquidation, divorce settlements, business foreclosures, and fundraising events! We love to hear how the work we provide produces a reliable solution for buyers and sellers using the auction method of marketing. When customers come to us with a problem/ need we get to work to find the best possible solution that will produce the maximum return for our buyers and sellers.

If you have worked with us before we would love to hear how we did!

Farm Asset Liquidation

Real estate sold at a plantation in Texarkana, TX, and an anxious buyer was eager to take…read more

Divorce Settlement- Large Farm in Bowie County

The assets from a large farm in Bowie County, Texas were being disputed by parties going through…read more

Business Foreclosure- Community Bank in Texarkana

A community bank in Texarkana, Texas unexpectedly found themselves in a unfortunate foreclosure situation. Being a small…read more

Fundraising Auction- The Miller Foundation

In 2011, The Miller Foundation was created to raise money for SMA Spinal Muscular Atrophy & other…read more

We would love to hear from you! Providing us with feedback on how we helped you not only lets us know we are doing our job to the best of our ability but also gives us insight for what we can improve on to make the customer experience better. Not to mention, it showcases our work for potential new customers and provides them with a real idea on what it is like to work with Nutt Auctions!

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