We Represent the Texarkana Real Estate Market for both buyers and sellers

Nutt Auction is proud to service both buyers and sellers of real estate in the Texarkana market, we would love the opportunity to work with you! Rather than being a typical real estate agent and only providing conventional listings- Our philosophy is to provide a reliable solution that fits the specific and unique needs of our clients. Nutt Auctions quickly and efficiently liquidates real estate assets on behalf of banks, lending institutions, and more! We utilize several methods including conventional listings, auctions, and sealed bids- depending on what you are looking for.


Nutt Auction is motivated and excited to help you and your real estate needs. We will gather information from you on what exactly what you are looking for. We understand no two buyers are the same, which is why it is crucial for us to identify your wants/needs so we can better assist you in your search. Learn more by contacting us to see how having a great agent like Nutt Auction can make a difference!

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We take a personal interest in every property we list. Our goal is to listen to our clients needs and provide the best solution for them within the right timeframe. Click below to contact us to see how having Nutt Auction in your corner is your best opportunity to sell your home!

Benefits of Real Estate Auctions Are you looking to buy an investment property and start your real estate investment journey? If yes, then you must be open to finding properties through non-traditional sources you might not have thought of before! You do not have to be limited to MLS or working with real estate agents. You can team up with Nutt Auction and purchase a property at one of our real estate auctions! There are many benefits to finding your next property at a real estate auction: • Potential Price Breaks • Access to Desirable Properties (that are not on the MLS) • Fast & Transparent Process