Fundraising Auction- The Miller Foundation

Fundraising Auction- The Miller Foundation


In 2011, The Miller Foundation was created to raise money for SMA Spinal Muscular Atrophy & other related charities. Part of their fundraising campaign included a live auction as part of their annual fundraising event. The foundation needed a professional auctioneer to ensure a successful event and that is where we came in!


Nutt Auction provided a memorable and exciting event for The Miller Foundation. They managed the details around the live auction so the event coordinator could focus on other details of the evening. Unlike an equipment auction, John and Kelly Nutt went above and beyond by bringing passion and enthusiasm to the benefit auction events.


For the last five years Nutt has continued to help raise over one million dollars for the foundation. By taking a personal interest they can honestly work from the auction podium and make personal connections with bidders. The audience is both happy and entertained, and the foundation has continued to raise record amounts.